I see Time: 10 films 10 days

This is mostly what I've been doing the past month.

"I see Time" - 10 animated films ( less than a minute long ) as part of the project “10 films 10 days” of Edinburgh College of Art and New Bulgarian University

Simeonova-01-NBU from ECA Animation on Vimeo.

Most of them work around the concept of time, the passing of a lifetime, of a dream, of a second. It was a great experience. Thank you to the people who shared it with me.

I'm thinking this year I might widen the topics of this blog, so I could use it more often. So I'm thinking I'll be updating about my animation works and I'll share with you if I get published somewhere.

Last year, I've been in 
C'est Bon Anthology: Interposed
Alt Com: No borders
Co-mixer #2 (of course)

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