In colours vol 3

Here are In colours volumes One and Two

Finally managed to get those done.
Have to say those was harder than the previous ones, maybe due to the lack of time or the lack of will to finish them. But the good thing is I got to try out some tricks with the lines and colours
Tried to keep things simple with this one. It's supposed to be thriller, but finally it came out more like a retro b-movie poster.

Maybe there are too many lines, it should've been more poster-like, less detail on her face and stuff, but I figure, It's a good piece anyway.
Here's the thumbnail of this version:

Next is the so called "romance", but I'm not sure what it is actually. Anyway, I pretty much enjoyed working my way trough a picture without lines, and it turned out pretty good, considering my previous experience with this style.

Still not sure how much detail I should leave on her face.

The last one of my cover's experiment is "action"

It's more of a disaster movie poster, I guess.

The building was a bitch to draw, but I rather see it as a success. Lot of things here aren't right, there isn't much of a connection between the background and the character, not to mention my lack of interest in finding a better suiting font, but all in all, it's Ok, I guess. It looks rather well as a thumbnail, so it works.

I might get back to those three later, but for now I'm going to start working on Chapter Three - The Finale.

Upcoming - A page update tomorrow, more wips and a look into how I figure out the dialogue of "Bird".

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