In colours vol 2

Had some spare time and tried out some covers in different genres. Tried out some different colouring styles and realised I have a lot to learn about colour. But I'm catching up on that right after I'm done with all the pages of Bird.

Here are my experiments with genre and colour*:

*You can find the black and white versions in the gallery.

Next week or whenev I find time, I'm gonna do another three versions: romance, action and thriller. Stay tuned.

Added banners for Amilova nd the comic Mink, located at the bottom of the page. Also did some Bird banners. How do you find them?

One month has passed since the begining of the competition. "Bird" is at # 53 (of 104) this week, with 93 votes. Thank you very much. 53rd place might look like no big deal, but thinking about the almost 100 persons who like my comic makes me happy. Thank you!
Keep up the high spirit!

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