The last page

Well, few days ago I uploaded the last page of Bird at It's over.
Another thing that is over is The First Amilova Cartoonist Competition. One of these day I'll write about my favourite comics in the competition.
Here are the rankings . The official winner will be announced by the jury in the next few days. But I can tell you already that it's not gonna be my "Bird". Last week it landed at #47 and that's it. 47th of 65. Pretty glamorous. But you already now how I feel about this.

Despite of the rankings, I'm kind of proud of "Bird".
I'm not going to start once again describing how important and refreshing and enriching was for me to do this comic. I hope the energy that filled me while doing it will be tranfered to the readers and stuff... anyway, next month there'll be some changes on this page to fit my next project.

And to answer your questions - Yes, I am tireless, I am restless.

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