And then there were none

It's been a though fifth week, sicne I'm preocupied with other projects with scary deadlines.

This week, I freaked out at Amilova when the number of competing comics dropped from 107 to 96. It's because of the updating two pages a week rule. Luckily I have few pages in advance, so Bird is being regularly updated every Monday and Friday.

I'm kind of puzzled who I'm gonna vote for, though. Because most of the comics I supported (most of them non-manga) were at the end of the line, and half of them already dropped of the comeptition, cause of lack of updates. I really hope the lack of updates aren't due to lack of votes, cause it would be very discouraging for me ( even if they qualified Bird as manga at Amilova).
Are the non-manga comics at Amilova competition (and everywhere) dissappearing due to the predominate manga interest?

This week two of the disqualified comics, were two of my favourites.

Un été à Plouha ( A Summer in Plouha)
I love the looks of this comic. Wonderful charac
ter deformations, this style just stuck out and made an impression on me. I can't comment on the story, since it was just begining, but I must say I like the characters, especially enjoyed the guys meeting.
I really can't explain why this comic was stuck at the bottom (around 90th place), maybe lack of promotion? It shouldn't be like that. It has wonderful qualitites, it looks much more pro than other works I've seen on the site.
I don't know why the author couldn't keep up with the 2 pages rule ( which is a tricky one, if you doesn't have pages in advance), but I really hope it's not because he didn't get much votes or something. That would be so unfair. For what it's worth, I always voted for Un été à Plouha, I hope the author keeps updating.

At first, it impressed me with the nice colours. Even if I don't like stories about the future or the outer space, I decided to give it a try.
It starts with a bit too much text, but it was needed I guess. I really loved the part when the alarm started beeping. It just dragged me into the action. And then everything went black&white. It was just the blood that was red. I was really impressed by that.
That's why I was really suprised to see this one at number 61 the first week.
Since then, there were very few updates, I'm guessing the author had other business, but still I voted for it, for that great black&white scene.

Few days ago the author of another comic I really enjoyed (La bande des losers et Dieu) said that he's not gonna pressure himself with 2 pages a week, doesn't want to rush trough his work, cause he's not getting enough attention anyway.
I really hope he sticks around though. He'll have my vote, anyway.

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