Mystery bird presents itself...

... as an idea.
For some time I had this very vague story in my mind about a little girl who is desperate to catch a glimpse of a ghostly bird that only appears at night. But there wasn't really anything I could do with this. Lots of things were missing.
Like, where does this bird presents itself?

I almost gave up on that story, thinking about other projects, when suddenly, things came to their places. I had a trip to London, and of course Greenwich was a place I wanted to visit. It was an early spring afternoon, still a bit chilly, but the trees were all green and the air was fresh. Walking trough Greenwich park, all I could think about was my story and that this is a perfect setting for it.

I especially loved the Royal Observatory South building.

So, the minute I found myself in front of a white sheet of paper I began working on my revived project.
Here is the earliest version of the character, based on one of my chatacters from a previous project.

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