Two different birds

Good news - Bird now has a domain at Amilova. It's

Since I've been studying theory of the drama, I began to think that the story itself isn't what's most important rather than the way you tell it. That eventually is reflected in my works. Can't say I'm big of a mastermind in this, but I put a lot of effort especially on the storytelling of "Bird".

But there was a problem, as there always is.

When I first got the idea of this Mystery bird thing, I was seeing it rather as an animation short project. No dialogue, dreamlike scapes, lots of shapes morphing in one another, vibrant colours. But since it looked like a lot of work and I already had big animation projects I didn't even write it down as a script.

So couple of months later, there was this open call for comics. I wanted to participate, but I didn't have any ideas but this one. The problems was I didn't want to go with an artistic, incomprehensible comic which surely was to take many pages. I thought I should tell the story more conevtionaly and definitely add dialogue and well, action. Still, I felt like something was missing.

Then the idea of "Bird" in it's current version was born after a trip to England. I added dialogue, I hope not too much, tried to develop the minor characters, but I always tried to keep them apart, as this story is most of all about difficulties in communication. I was trying to simultaneously tell the story trough the main charaters eyes and trough the children as a group, hoping it will create an interesting relation between the two story lines. Of course, this is almost too subtle and since I had to separate my work and make the chapters in big intervals of time, I think I eventually lost it.
Anyway, I think I managed to get what I needed to show.

I always get back to my first idea, though, with the colours and stuff and wonder if it was going to be better than this version. But it's always risky with the artsy storytelling and I think it might work as an animation short, but not as a comic.


Pages and chapters

Having restrictions on the number of pages makes things more difficult, but also much more interesting.
Since the begining, "Bird" was always supposed to be a three chapter story, each chapter containing 15 pages. Even though I started making this story for a project that I later gave up and restriction in page numebrs was no longer needed, I still held on to that idea.

Somewhere by the end of 2nd chapter I got scared that I could not finish the story in 15 pages. For a while I thought I should make it a 4 chapter story.
Which I really think would be a wrong decision.
A 4 chapter story sounds like a short one, but not really. Sounds also like a long one, but not
It just doesn't feel right.
Sorry that I don't have a more logic explanation than just what I'm feeling, but in this case, I'm sure it wouldn't work out.
Somehow, 3 chapters always seemed like the best idea.
On the other hand 15 pages doesn't make it all comfortable. I had to cut out some scenes, shorten others.
Here is an early version of third chapter's begining.

This version shows the same things happening as the final one, but with too much detail around: the house from outside, the other kids waking up, the girl outside the house, the girl inside the house... But having just 15 pages, I had to rethink the begining.
I think we could do without the descriptive stuff and it works even better. Instead of explaining all the circumstances, i tried to concentrate on the atmosphere. See the final version here.
What I'm trying to say with this is restrictions are not an obstacle, but sometimes a key to creativity (working your way around those restrictions!). It makes you think differently and not put the first thing you think of.
Although it also created some problems with the surroundings (why she's suddenly someplace else!?) I think sticking to my 3x15 pages was the best idea. If you know some of my previous work, you'd understand why I'm so contented that those 45 pages came out good. My usual number of pages is around 150, and there's a big chance to get lost along the way.

This week I got a very special present from one of Amilova's artists - LittleEndian. She drew the heroine of "Bird" and I was amased how she managed to capture her character. The drawing is just fabilous, I love it :)

I'd like to thank her very much for this. Inspiring people is all I want to do, and seeing this, it makes me think I'm on the right way :) Thanks!
Check out LittleEndian's story "Leaves" at Amilova


I've just got to put these wings to test

With the 5th day of the new year already coming to an end, the contest of Amilova coming to it's fourth month and the third chapter of "Bird" begining, I felt I should strike a balance...


I can't say I'm very satisfied with the position of my comic. Since the first week it always circles around 50th place. Even though the number of participating comics dropped from 107 to 79 (!), my comic is always in the 50s.
Despite that bad statistics, the readers seem to multiply. "Bird" has, by this week, 163 votes, a solid number that grows every week. I'd like to THANK everyone who votes for my comic, it means much to me. Lately I've been getting some comments too, which keeps my chin up. Thank you everyone, who reads/likes/votes/comments on "Bird" :)


Can't say I'm surprised "Bird"s not in top 15, though.
I was completely aware this story wasn't going to be a best-seller, since it's none of the popular genres. It contains no action, no romance, no comedy, no horror.
It's a mystery. Even not a thrilling one.
And it's just the story I needed to do.

Even though it isn't much of a audience-pleaser, I hope people will stick to the end and see the mystery revealed.

Here's a much different view of my main character. Yeah, though, I added some 10 years and a pink shirt, I hope it still shows it's her.

I used a photo reference to do the pose from this site

The third chapter is the last one, so you may wonder waht will become of this blog. Well, I guess I will rearange it to suit better my next project, which, for now, i'll keep a secret.
So, next time - more page thumbs, inspirational drawings and sketches.